Reversed Effect of Tag Button

You’re probably acquainted with how I try to save screen space by giving added powers to some buttons if you hold down a modifier key (except caps lock) while clicking on them. These buttons are indicated by accent marks (`). Below are some examples:

Normal effect: creates new blank record
W/modifier key: duplicates current (existing) record

Normal effect: lets you delete the current record
W/modifier key: lets you delete all records in the current found set

Normal effect: goes to Router (welcome) screen
W/modifier key: goes right past the Router screen to the main data-entry screen for this table

Normal effect: enters Find mode; searches for subset
W/modifier key: finds all records

The pattern here is that the modifier key makes the button do extra work, over and above what it would normally do. But there’s been an exception to this pattern. It’s a button that appears near the various Tag boxes:

Normal effect: finds tagged boxes and offers to clear them out for you
W/modifier key: just finds the tagged boxes and stops

For the sake of consistency (and also because simply finding tagged boxes is probably more common than clearing them and should thus be the default), I’m reversing these effects. Henceforth, you’ll get this instead:

Normal effect: finds tagged boxes
W/modifier key: finds and offers to clear

The button color has changed as well. Gold means Find, which is now the basic function of the button; the orange border means delete or clear, which is now the augmented capability.