New Signature Options

I've long made it possible to easily change the name that appears at the bottom of letters. The names (and associated data) come from a table within the "Universal" file called "Agents", and you can put in as many staff people, board members, officers, volunteers, parents, etc. as you want there. Each one must be assigned a unique "Agent Code", which can then be used by your letter layouts to pull in the info for that person.

On the letter layout, you select the agent from a drop-down menu that lists all of the possible agents for your organization (or your current organization, if you have more than 1). What's new from here on out is that your selection will now have a tooltip that tells you whom you've selected:

Also new is a similar drop-down menu, immediately below "Agent Code", called "Agent Format", that gives you 5 possibilities for how the info below the signature will be formatted, also explained by tooltips:

Lastly, right above the "Agent Code" is a new button that will take you directly to the record within "Agents" for the person you've specified, in case you need to change it:

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