VCR-Style Navigation Buttons

Depending on when I last updated the buttons in your database system, you may see navigation buttons in either the old round "picture" style or the new oblong "text" style:

Well, they're both about to become obsolete, because the next generation of navigation buttons will abandon both pictures and text in favor of glyphs, which should be familiar from VCR or DVR controls:

The one that might not ring an immediate bell is the "#" one in the middle. Clicking on that one will let you jump to a particular record in the current found set. For example, if you've found 1000 records and enter "500" there, you'll jump to halfway thru your found set. If you try to enter "2000", it'll snark at you.

As you can tell by hovering your cursor over each button to summon up its tooltip, the "arrow-stop" buttons — "|<" and ">|" — will take you to the first and last records in the found set, respectively. The regular arrow buttons — "<" and ">" — will take you to the next record if you're in Form View (1 record visible at a time) or to the next page if you're in List View (multiple records visible at a time).

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