Changes to "Tag" and "Obsolete" Buttons

You should be familiar with the following arrangement of housekeeping fields and their associated control buttons, because they appear on every data-entry screen in the database system.

Henceforth the buttons will be treated differently.

Tag Buttons. The Set and Find` buttons next to the Tag box will migrate up to the top of the screen, where they will now be known as Tag and Tag`, respectively.

As before, holding down any modifier key while clicking on Tag` will offer you a chance to clear all found tags.

There are 3 motivations for this transition.

1st, having those buttons right within each individual record falsely implied that they’d only affect that single record, when in fact they affect multiple records, which is what the top-of-the-page buttons normally do.

2nd, the tiny Find` button that affected only the Tag box was too easily confused with the big top-of-the-page button of the same name, which performs general searches.

3rd, in general, gold buttons that do searches are labelled everywhere else by the name of the field they search on, which Tag` will now do too.

Obsolete Buttons. The twin Set and Clear buttons next to the Obsolete field will be replaced by a single context-sensitive button that will read Set if Obsolete is empty ...

... or Clear if it’s got a date in it.

This button does affect only the record it’s in, which is why it appropriately remains there.

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